Choice of Trips:
Trip outings begin at
11:00 a.m. until 4:00
p.m., in time to have
all guests off the river
6:00 p.m. Seven
Days a week
Weather and water
conditions permitting.
Overnight Trips
With primitive  camping and up
to 18 miles of canoeing or
kayaking.  Trips are available
upon reservation.  There is
limited availability, so be sure
to call ahead.
"Children 6-12 years are $5.00 each for
canoeing    any trip.  Regular rate for kayaking
or Tubing."
                   No one under 6 yrs.
The Sampler
Approximately 1-2 Hours
The shortest trip available to you begins right at      
the canoe livery and gently winds downstream. The trip
ends just upstream from where the twin bridges of
I-71 cross overhead.  Perfect for after work or
early evening recreation.  Also, ideal for children 6
years and over or inexperienced paddlers.
We've recently added a
Moonlight Trip
Departing around 8:00 p.m.
This is a guided tour with
reservations required.  Night
tours require some canoeing
experience and will add a
different spin on a typical
canoe trip.  
A guaranteed good time!
Recreation Area
The three acre primitive
location is perfect for
large or small group
picnics.  Strategically
located at the end of the
Sampler trip.   Sand
volley-ball pit and
horseshoes make a great
spot to spend the
afternoon, after your
outing.  Reserve the area
for your company , social
group , family, auxiliary,
or congregation with
group rates available.
The Upper Trip
Approximately 2-4 Hours
If solitude and serenity is your ultimate goal this trip  
is for you.  We will load you up in a shuttle van and drop
you off upstream at the Big and Little Darby  
Confluence located near Georgesville.  This trip
meanders through six miles of Wildlife Preserve and
lands you back on the banks of our canoe livery.
$20.00 per person.
Price Varies.
Your river outing includes:
*15-17 foot canoe, decked
kayak or tube.
* Paddles and life jackets
* Instructions if needed.
* Transportation to and from     
the canoe livery.
* All of the fun and excitement
you can muster up.
*Knowledgeable and courteous
service from our staff.
Have your own
canoe or kayak....
The Lower Trip
Approximately 2-4 Hours
Your trip will begin the same way the Sampler does
and you will continue to past the I-71 bridges for
several more miles into more rural areas.  After
passing under U.S. 62 the trip wanders near the Old
Harrisburg Mill which was a registered building of the
Bicentennial Celebration tour.  During the spring or
after a good rain, the flow on the lower trip offers
exciting rapid sections and technical turns for more
experienced paddlers.  Your trip will end at St. Rt.
762 at the old fashioned tressel bridge built during
the 1800's.  We will pick you up in shuttle vans and       
bring you back to the canoe livery.  
Cool!  Forget about
shuffling and chasing
different vehicles up and
down unchartered roads.  
Park at our place and let us
shuttle you upstream or
down for $10.00 per boat.  
If you bring friends and
rent two canoes, one
shuttle is completely FREE.
The Full Day Trip
Approximately 4-6 Hours
For an all day adventure, be here early and we'll
take   you upstream to the Metro park and let you float
all     the way to St. Rt. 762.  This combines the Upper
and   Lower Trip with the canoe livery half way
between for   your convenience.  This is a journey so
pack a lunch     and drinks and enjoy the day.
This canoe trip is offered before 11:00
a.m., at $
35.00 per person, canoe or
.  Call ahead for convenience.
This trip is 2-4 hours and has
limited availability.        
This trip is 2-4 hours offered 7 days a
week until 3:00 p.m.
This trip is 1-2 hours and is offered 7 days a week.
Smallmouth bass fishing through
Darby Metropolitan  Park and
State Nature Preserve.
We will start as early as you like
in order to catch the smallies
during feeding times
This protected section of the
Darby Creek offers great
oppurtunity for smallmouth,
striped bass, rock bass, walleye,
and up to 100 different species
of fish.
We will offer specialized service
with canoes, kayaks, and shuttle
Give us a call or email now for
more information and up to date
for private boaters.
Shuttle is subject to trip
availability, river
conditions, and normal
operating hours.
$55.00 per canoe or kayak
if purchased April thru
May.  Will pro rate as
season progresses.
Canoe trips $16.00 per person.
Kayak trips $16.00 per person
Kayak trips $25.00 per person
Kayak trips $25.00 per person
Tube rental-Up to an hour's float for
$9.00 per tube.
Group discounts start after 24 people.
$1.00 to $3.00 per person discount
depending on group size and availability.
For use on any trip, canoe
or kayak.  
Season pass is subject to
conditions, availability and
first come first serve
basis.  Pass will be valid
from purchase date until
September 15.
*149.99 plus sales tax.
Season Pass
Call 614.877.4321
Call for more info 614.877.4321
Canoe trips $24.00 per person
Canoe trips $24.00 per person